Resource Allocation API

Event driven Resource Allocation status and Information in Toronto Pearson Airport. The Resource Allocation Event API provides the master Resource Allocation information and status for arrival/departure flights at Toronto (operational or post-operational date only).

Resource means Gate, Check-in Counter and Baggage Lateral.

The API enables you to:

  • List all resource allocation information available in Toronto Pearson Airport.
  • Get specific day of resource allocations by using the date or other parameters

From the Resource Allocation Event API, you will get the following information:

  • FlightID
  • Operational date
  • Flight status
  • Gate assignment
  • Check-in counter assignment
  • Baggage belts assignment

Sample API Usage:

The following examples show you how to use the API to:

  1. Get list of flights (latest updated) with a specific date by using a flight date
    curl -X GET '

  2. Get Resource Allocation information for list of flights (latest updated) with a specific airline by using an airline code
    curl -X GET '

  3. Get Resource Allocation information for a specified flight (latest updated) by using a flightleg key
    curl -X GET '



The default response type is JSON. To return the response in XML, set the HTTP Header Accept to application/xml.