Aircraft Type API

The Aircraft Type API is used to retrieve information about all aircraft types in the industry.

The API enables you to:

  • List all Aircraft type information maintained in Toronto Pearson Airport.
  • Get specific details about an aircraft using an IATA type code.

From the Aircraft Type API, you will get the following information:

  • Aircraft type
  • Aircraft subtype
  • Aircraft series
  • Aircraft descriptions
  • Aircraft configurations
  • Get an aircraft matching a given aircraft type or subtype code.

Sample API Usage:

The following examples show you how to use the API to:

    1. Get specific details about an aircrafts by using an airline type code
      curl -X GET '

    2. Get specific details about an aircraft by using a subtype code
      curl -X GET '


The default response type is JSON. To return the response in XML, set the HTTP Header Accept to application/xml.